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their time3 so that the warriors could travel ahead
with all their speed. The warriors took nothing
with them—not even food—nothing but their
guns and snow-shoes. They left one young scout
with us to keep us in their wake; and then they
were off at a fast dog-trot,

Fortunately the snow had frozen over with a
hard crust, which enabled them to make fast time
by sliding their snow-shoes as they pushed them
forward. And this crust also made It possible for
us to utilize the dogs for pack-animals—keeping
their feet above the surface of the snow.

On the evening of the third day out> a swift run-
ner was sent back along the trail to tell us that the
enemy we were chasing were Assinahs—Northern
Crees—who had evidently taken us for Shuswaps.
The messenger said that they had come across
several of their camp-sites of the night before, and
our warriors were gaining time by living off the
beaver meat which the Crees were leaving behind
them in their nightly camps. They learned that
they were Crees from a moccasin they had found,
which was beaded in circular figures, according to
the fashion of the Northern Bush Crees.

The messenger said it was evident that the Crees
little suspected they could be overtaken, because
their snow-shoes were known to be the fastest In
the entire North-West. Though the Crees were
travelling light and fast, the fact that they were